Humans of the 757 Project

This project aims to showcase our region from the best point of view – its citizens. Similar to the successful Humans of New York initiative, our Humans of the 757 project will highlight stories of local people doing amazing things for our community. Our goal is to promote regional pride and show the world why the 757 is the best place for people to live, work, and play. We want to capture the unique characteristics that set us apart, like our neighborhoods, history, and diversity…but we need your help.

Whether you are a native, transplant, or boomerang, we want to hear why you call this place home. We invite you to share your story by submitting your answers to the questions below, submitting a picture or video - or by partnering with local creatives to make something wonderful.

We are 757 Proud.  Are you?  Tell us your story!

Please answer some (or all!) of the questions below and tell us about yourself.